The Story

Our design ethos caters to discerning fashion collectors and vintage enthusiasts who are drawn to the concept of a curated wardrobe reminiscent of a vault. We prioritize craftsmanship over mass production, creating pieces for those who appreciate garments and accessories for their design intricacies and distinctive details.



Only Lovers Club Clothing draws inspiration from our beloved vintage-cult pieces, infused with a playful and whimsical spirit that transports wearers to imaginative dreamscapes with retro-centric undertones. O.L.C specializes in crafting classic styles that are both distinctive and personalized. Our designs are forever influenced by iconic elements such as the sailor girl aesthetic and the uniform styles of the 1960s, epitomized by muse Anna Karina and immortalized in Godard films. We also draw inspiration from the vibrant party scenes depicted by actress and Playboy playmate Dolly Reed and her all-girl rock band, The Carrie Nations. The latest collection seamlessly blends bittersweet, classic Hollywood nostalgia with a touch of Southern charm. Each piece is meticulously handmade in limited edition collections, tailored for vintage enthusiasts worldwide.


Only Lovers Club utilizes the traditional technique of Lost Wax Casting to craft its jewelry. Each piece undergoes careful handcrafting, resulting in custom metal sculptures with a distinct character. Inspired by themes of love, heartbreak, and the human condition, our jewelry pieces are meaningful expressions of personal stories and emotions.

Designed & Created

by ❤ Bonnie June,

made with love