The Story

We are design focused for fashion collectors and vintage lovers motivated by a vault-style-wardrobe. We're not interested in designing for the pursuit of mass production, but for those who value a piece of garment/accessory for its design quality and unique details.



Only Lovers Club Clothing is inspired by our favorite vintage-cult pieces that are quirky & playful~ Dancing in imaginative dreamscapes of retro-centric undertones. O.L.C creates classic styles that are unique and individualized. Forever inspired by Godard films, the sailor girl, and the 60s uniform styles worn by muse, Anna Karina. Other film faves include the groovy party scenes enacted by actress, and playboy playmate, Dolly Reed and her all-girl rock band, The Carrie Nations. The new collection combines bittersweet, classic Hollywood nostalgia, with a hint of Southern flavor. Handmade in limited edition collections for vintage lovers all around.



Only Lovers Club uses an ancient form of jewelry making called, Lost Wax Casting. OLC jewelry is handcrafted into custom metal sculptures immortalized into each piece. Inspired by love, heartbreak, and the human condition.


Designed & Created

by ❤ Bonnie June,

made with love